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By Scott Spiker


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Starting Out

Financial Literacy Lifting Confidence in Military Families

At a time when many servicemembers are feeling anxious about sequestration and possible cuts to retirement and other benefits, financial knowledge is boosting

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Building Up

Threat of Commissary Closures Worries Middle-Class Military Families

A Pentagon plan to slash taxpayer support of commissaries is meeting with widespread resistance from members of America’s career military, who say the

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Staying The Course

Servicemembers Stick With Frugal Ways As Other Americans Warm Up To Spending

A shift in financial attitudes is taking place between middle-class military families and their civilian counterparts, with growing concerns over sequestration

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Breaking Free

The Truth About Trusts

  Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in “Your Money Matters,” a First Command-sponsored personal finance blog for military servicemembers.

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